Stripe aims to expand into Europe after being valued at $97 billion

The American startup Stripe has seen its value rise dramatically in a short time. The company is now valued at over $97 billion.

Stripe startup valued at $97 billion

The most valuable US company, The Stripe, is aiming to expand its operations in European countries. The company, which is valued at around $97 billion, plans to employ more than 1,100 people in Ireland over the next four years, after securing more than $450 in various investments. This is more than double what is available in the country. This is a new and exciting technology. Find out more about the technologies this.

Stripes was launched in the US by Irish brothers in 2012. Its business processes payments for many companies in the technology industry. This business boomed during the coronavirus pandemic, as many people preferred online trading. The company has two headquarters, in San Francisco and Dublin, and many employees in Europe.

Although it still has small outlets in more than 30 European countries. The latest statistics show that five out of six UK citizens have used their services in the last ten months.

We are impressed with the results and look forward to doing more in the digital economy across Europe," said John Collison, CEO.

Stripe is now worth more than Tesla

John started the company as a young man, having just moved to the US from Ireland. This latest announcement from Stripes puts it ahead of Tesla's Space X rocket which is valued at $75 billion.

Stripes is worth 9 times its value in 2016, making the brothers one of the richest in the world. The company helps businesses process online payments and comply with many financial regulations worldwide. It has over 600 staff as it employs the best available personnel in the world.