Interesting facts you want to know.

Each woman experiences pregnancy differently, no matter what species, the females are usually the ones in charge of carrying the babies and giving birth to them. Extraordinary fact, there are some species where it is not the females that carry the babies but the males. We have prepared a small list of some of these species in which it is the males that carry the children.

The Seahorse

The seahorse is undoubtedly the most popular fish in terms of male pregnancy, and for good reason the male is actually able to carry up to 1800 eggs at the same time. The male keeps the eggs for about 2 to 3 weeks in his ventral pouch even though the fertilization has been done by the female, she will then embrace the male and deposit the eggs in his ventral pouch and the male will then wriggle to make sure that the eggs nestle well in the famous pouch. Very interesting facts, isn't it? This website contains even more.

The catfish

Catfish are also great fathers, they are not only present for their offspring, but they incubate the eggs in their mouths, they have been called oral incubators. Another oral incubator is the Darwin's frog, a species that is in danger of extinction some species are already dead.

The jacanas

Another species where it is the male who takes care of the brooding is the jacanas. The female can mate with all the males she wants, but the males must remain faithful to their female and moreover must stay near the nest to ensure the brooding. The nando is also a bird (ostrich) where the male takes care of the brooding and becomes so close to his chicks that nobody has been allowed to approach them, not even the mother.