What are the biggest castles in Europe ?

Castles have always fascinated many people. The simple fact of evoking them refers to universes full of magic where marvelous rubbed shoulders . However, castles do not only exist in fairy tales. They exist for real and here is a top 5 of the largest castles in Europe.

Prague castle

Prague castle is arguably the largest castle in world. Located in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, it has an area of 70.000 m. Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, it is a prime tourist spot. You are planning to visit Prague castle but you not from a country member of the European union ? You may be able  to get there easily with the EU’s ETIAS electronic authorization. Go to https://www.etias-visas.com  to find out if you are eligible.

The castle of Chambord

Located in France, it’s the largest castle in the Loire region. It has nearly 440 rooms and has a garden that extends over 19000m². It is important to specify that this castle has remained intact since its construction. The castle of Chambord therefore experienced no modification over time.

The castle of Versailles

It is without doubt the most famous castle in France. Known to have been the residence of the kings of France for a long time, it has nearly 2000 pieces. However, the biggest attraction is not the castle itself, but rather its park which cover area of 815ha.

The castle of Schönbrunn

Located in Austria, Schönbrunn castle is the most famous in the whole country. Built in the baroque style, it contains many wonders. Between labyrinths, fountains and ruins, you will absolutely not get bored. However, it should be noted that the real jewels of the castle are its gardens. They are also classified at UNESCO.

Windsor Castle

Unlike the first four, Windsor Castle is one of the largest castles in Europe still inhabited today. Indeed, it is one of the residences of the British sovereigns. The castle is made up nearly 1000 rooms and covers a total area of 52000 m².


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